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Another Lush Haul (Ft. Valentines Day Products)

It seems to be a regular occurance for me to share whatever I've been buying from Lush, and this post was requested by you on Twitter, so here we are with another one! The last time I bought anything from Lush was towards the beginning of October when I picked up bits from the Halloween and Christmas ranges. I think I've done pretty well to say that I haven't been into Lush (or even their website) in almost four months, so I have treated myself to quite a few little bits to stock up my collection. Whilst I was shopping, I picked up a couple of bits from the Valentine's Day range as I've tried anything from the range before, and from what I have understood from bloggers' reactions on Twitter, they have brought out a few additions to the range like they did with the Christmas and Halloween ranges.

Bubble Bars

First up is the Unicorn Horn Bubble Bar which looks straight up beautiful. I picked this out because it looks a bit like Candy Mountain from the Christmas range which I am missing dearly. I love all the colours in it and personally think it looks a bit like an ice lolly. It is supposed to leave your bath water a pinky-red shade, and I am so excited to use it! Packed full of neroli and lavender oil, the Unicorn Horn supposedly increases serotonin levels in the brain and acts as a little pick me up! Plus, someone needs to remind me to pick up more this week as they'll all be gone after Valentine's Day! Sticking with the bubble bars, of course I had to pick up another Milky Bath Bubble Bar as it is one of my all time favourites. Surprisingly it is one of the only products from this haul that I have ever tried before. It is so hydrating and leaves your skin wonderfully smooth! Jam packed full of skimmed milk and cocoa butter, Milky Bath doesn't leave your bath all colourful, and although it isn't very impressive, it does however make some gorgeous bubbles and leaves your skin feeling incredibly soft. And with a bit more colour, I also picked up the Rose Jam Bubbleroon which is one of my all time favourites as it creates a gorgeous shade of bath water and plenty of bubbles to go alongside it. 

Shower Gels & Creams

I have a new-found love of the Lush shower gels and creams, and so couldn't resist picking up the Prince Charming Shower Cream from the Valentine's Day range. It smells fruity and sweet, yet creamy at the same time. It smells slightly like marshmallows, but is very different to the Snow Fairy Shower Gel from the Christmas range. I bought the 250ml size, but may be tempted to go back and get another bottle as I really like the smell of it! I also picked up the Don't Rain On My Parade Shower Gel as I really just needed an excuse to sing more Barbara Streisand musicals in my shower. The smell from the bottle isn't one of my favourites from Lush, but when mixed with water it smells a lot nicer and I have really been enjoying using it. And finally, I picked up another The Comforter Shower Cream as I had run out of my 500ml bottle that had kept me going since it's release over the summer of 2015. I did only buy the 250ml size this time as when I purchased my first bottle I didn't stop to look at the price and was mortified when I got home and realised it was nearly £16!!! The 250ml should keep me going for a while though!

Bath Bombs

The final thing I picked up from the Valentine's Day range was the Lover Lamp Bath Bomb. This wouldn't usually be a product that I would pick up, but I was won over by the idea of having lots of little love hearts floating around in my bath water. Because the bath bomb is white in colour, I can only assume that it isn't going to leave my bath water a pretty colour, but that's ok as it has the little hearts. The bath bomb is filled with organic cocoa butter and therefore will leave your skin incredibly soft, so I will be saving this one for a freezing cold weekend where I can warm my self up in a hot bath! 
From the normal line of Lush bath bombs I picked up the Fizzbanger Bath Bomb. I don't even think I've seen this one before, so I'm wondering if it is a newish release? The women in the shop said that it is full of popping candy and changed colour as it fizzes away so I'm incredibly excited to try this one out! I wonder what colours it will change to! It smells quite citrusy with a hint of apple (and maybe cinnamon?), so will leave you smelling nice and fresh! Another newbie product for me is the Dragons Egg Bath Bomb. I'm 90% sure I haven't tried this before, but there is something in the back of my mind telling me that I tried it once in a gift set years ago. Similarly to the Fizzbanger bath bomb, it smells really citrusy and fresh - a bit like lemon sherbert! It is another white coloured bath bomb so I'm not expecting it to change the colour of my bath water, but I may be pleasantly surprised as there appears to be little specs of colour hidden inside! I also picked up another Avobath Bath Bomb after receiving one for Christmas and loving it A LOT. Now I can have avocado in my salads, guacamoles, and my bath! The cult classic that is the Twilight Bath Bomb somehow made it's way into my shopping basket. I'd convinced myself that I didn't like the smell of it, but it isn't as bad as I remembered it to be. I recieved the shower gel version in a gift set at Christmas and loved it so much that I thought I'd give the bath bomb another try. I am yet to use it, but will report back once I do! The last bath bomb I picked up was the Think Pink Bath Bomb, which I picked up purely for the colour of it. I love the products that turn my bath water pink and I don't think this will be an exception! The little flowers on top are cute too!
And finally! I picked up the Happy Blooming Bath Melt (Lush Kitchen Exclusive) online, which is a little exclusive from the Lush Kitchen - hopefully making it's way out into stores soon. I spotted it online and very quickly placed it into my basket as Lush Kitchen goodies are always limited, and are sold out almost immediately - sometimes never coming back into stock. I love Lush bath melts and was absolutely gutted when I realised that some of my long time favourites (Mmmelting Marshmallow Moment, and Floating Island) seem to be discontinued? It smells just like cherries, but has the added fruitiness of passionfruit and passion flower oil. 

Have you bought anything from Lush recently - maybe from the Valentine's Day range?
Thanks for reading!
Love Charlotte x

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