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How To - Make Your Nail Polish Last Longer

I don't know about you, but whenever I do my own nails they chip within a day (two if i'm lucky!). So I finally got round to doing a little research and I seem to have mastered the art of nail painting. So I thought it only fair to share it with my beautiful readers!

Step one. Nail polish remover.

Here I am using the 'clean off' nail varnish remover from Boots' own range 

So this is the very last thing you'd think you'd need when it came to painting your nails. But it infact helps. Have you ever wondered why nail artists soak your hands in a little bowl before they give you a manicure? Truth is, it removes the natural oil that builds up on your hands. This oil, over time, eats away at your polish and you end up with chips. 

Even if you aren't wearing nail varnish, never miss out this crucial step as it helps get rid of the excess of oil. 

Step two. Base coat. 

Here I am using the 'base coat, top coat and nail hardener' from Barry M 

To help your nail polish stick to your nails better you need to use a base coat first. 

A base coat will help smooth out the surface of your nail creating a great base for your nail colour. 

Step three. Colour.

Here I am using the Maybelline Colour Show nail polish in 'urban coral'
When you go to get your nails done. They tend to use two thick coats of colour. Yet its actually better to use four thin layer. Not only does it help make the polish last longer, but it also prevents you from getting those pesky little bubbles in your nail polish. It will also help cut down on drying time for those as impatient as me!

Step four. Top coat. 

Similarly to the colour layer. Do two thin coats of top coat instead of one thick one. This again will cut down the total drying time, but will also give a better finish to the nails. 

Step five. Be patient. 

Now you could have followed me step by step. But this one is probably the most crucial. If you don't wait patiently all your hard work and efforts can be ruined!

Its recommended to leave your nails alone for 45 minutes in order to allow the nails to dry properly. 

So sit back, watch TV, read a magazine and just relax for 45 minutes. 

Step six. Finishing touches. 

Once 45 minutes is up, go rinse (gently!) your nails in cold water. Allow them to air dry and then put on your favourite hand cream. 

This is the hand cream that I'm using. It is the Soap and Glory Hand Food

I also like to use this round my cuticles for extra hydration!

Voilá! Now you should all have nails like mine!

Thanks for reading!

Love Charlotte x


  1. I'm totally going to try this ! :))


  2. I've nominated you for the Liebster Award! Go check out the rules on my blog!!
    Sarah xx

    1. Oh wow thankyou! I am currently away but I will be sure to accept this once I am home! x

  3. i will defo be trying these tips. I have been resorting to gel polish as I always manage to smudge my nails.


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