Saturday, 30 August 2014

Riverside (A Day In The Country)

Has it ever happened to you? You put your hands on your head, cover your eyes, and think “It's all too much!”
Well this is exactly how I felt yesterday. 

When this happens I switch off my phone, laptop and all other forms of communication (even Mr Carrier Pigeon) and take a trip into the countryside. 

Now anybody who knows me personally will be thinking "but you live in the countryside'. Yes, yes I do. But I go further into the countryside! The heart of the Yorkshire Dales. 

Playing it cool with my Raybans!(whist being bitten to death by bugs)

So I went for a little (if you can call an hour little) drive to a place called Burnsall
When I'm here I just simply like to sit by the river, have a little paddle in the subzero (not really) water and relax in the silence.

Now, in England, it is still British Summertime so luckily it doesn't get dark till after 8pm. So on the way home, I even paid a quick visit to Brimham Rocks. 

They advise not climbing unless you are a professional with proper equipment. Clearly I didn't obey.

Secretly wishing I had chosen more appropriate footwear.

I've been going to these places ever since I was a little girl. My grandparents used to bring me all the time. So the countryside is a place I feel truly at home. 

Being outside really helps me relax when I feel anxious.
 And when I got home, I snuggled up in bed with a big cup of tea and went straight to sleep. The end. 

How do you cope when you feel stressed?

Thanks for reading!

Love Charlotte x



  1. Great post dear!:)

  2. The country side is gorgeous!

  3. Your pictures are beautiful! Im new to blogging and hoping to find some friends in the blogging world :)


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