Hello there, welcome to my little corner of the internet! My name is Charlotte (if you haven't guessed from the title of my blog), I'm a 20 year old from Leeds, West Yorkshire, and I'm currently a final year Psychology undergraduate at Leeds Trinity University. An enthusiast of pretty much everything (mainly photography, beauty, and cocktail drinking), I started this blog in June 2014 before heading off to start university. I'd read blogs for a while, and was borderline obsessed with the idea so I eventually decided to give it a go myself. I felt quite unsettled during my first year, and my blog ended up as a means of escape - I threw my life into it. I didn't get on with the people I shared a flat with, so spent the majority of my evenings improving the design of my blog, researching ideas for content, editing photos, and much much more.
Bloggers Blog Awards 2015 (Photo by HelloApril)
When I first starting writing, I mainly posted makeup and skincare reviews (and to be honest, I still do) - but now I treat my blog as more of a online representation of myself. A diary where I can document my thoughts and feelings, make silly little jokes, and share my mediocre life with you! I do try and write a mixture of everything I fancy, covering topics from beauty, fashion and lifestyle, to recipes, technology, and travel - hey I even throw a bit of personal mumbo jumbo into the mix occasionally. The middle of 2015 was when my blog really took off. I was nominated for the Best Up and Coming Beauty Blog (in the Blogger's Blog Awards) alongside Ana from Ravishing Roses, Sam from Made From Beauty (and a few others), and have been featured on the Bloglovin' Blog in an 'Up and Coming' feature. Over 2016, I would like to build on my blog - improving my photography and working to produce fresh and innovative content.

If there is anything else you wish to know, just ask!
Toodlepip! X

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