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Review: Magnitone Full Monty Skincare Brush

Just before Christmas, Magnitone kindly sent me the new Full Monty Skincare Brush* to try out. I've secretly wanted either a Clarisonic or a Magnitone cleansing brush for years, and so I got rather excited when the email pinged into my inbox! I did briefly talk about it in my winter skincare routine post, however today I'm going to do a more in-depth review after using it regularly for a couple of months! The Full Monty is described as 'the ultimate multi-tasker' as it can be used in various different ways. Magnitone claim that you can see instant results from the first use, and I just want to say I straight up agree with that. After the first use my skin felt so smooth and my serums and creams sank into my skin so easily. The brush is designed to give your body a full workout. Not an alternative to exercise, but it is meant to make your skin look more toned, with a healthy glow. And do you want to know the best part? It is suitable for every type of skin. 
 As my skin adjusted to the 'new, deeper method of cleansing' I experienced a bit of a breakout, but it was warned it could happen in the instruction manual so there was nothing unexpected there. A bit worried at first, I carried on using it and blemishes quickly disappeared to reveal clearer, glowing skin. The brush has three different modes for the face alone, and can be used on 'sensitive cleanse', 'daily cleanse' and 'tone. I've tried all three modes, but I tend to use the brush in the evening to thoroughly take off my makeup with the 'daily cleanse' setting. Some people have said that they use it twice a day, and personally I think that it is gentle enough to do so, but I prefer to use it either in the morning or evening. I've found that with everyday use, any patches of dry skin disappear and my makeup goes on a lot smoother. Which is obviously nice!
With the different brush attachments it cleanses, tones and exfoliates for gorgeous skin from head to toe! I've tried all three attachments and I'm extrememly impressed with the results each gives. The brush has a built in 20 second timer so your entire face can be cleansed in just 60 seconds! At first I was incredibly stupid thinking it would beep 5 times (once for nose, once for each cheek, etc.), but then I realised that there are only 3 lots of 20 seconds in a minute and then I started to divide my face into three. After only a minute of use, my skin feels incredibly clean and I can definitely tell when I've not used the brush (like when I've forgotten to charge it up). The feet attachment, is my second favourite after the facial brush as it is really good at giving you soft, baby-like feet.

Magnitone do recommend that you replace brush heads every 3 months so bacteria doesn't build up on the bristles, however I think you could go a little bit longer between changing for the feet and body attachments. I highly recommend trying one of their brushes out for yourself as my skin has been a lot clearer and radiant! It retails at £130, so isn't cheap - but I honestly think the results are worth it!

Have you ever tried a cleansing brush - what were your thoughts?

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The Magnitone Full Monty Skincare Brush (RRP £130) was kindly sent to me by Magnitone for the purpose of a review. All thoughts are my own and you can read my full disclaimer policy here

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