Sunday, 10 January 2016

My First Experience With False Eyelashes

My eyelashes are alright. They are pretty long, dark and are naturally slightly curled. And they are one of the only things that I don't have problem with. But somehow I have managed to get through 19½ years of life, and almost 2 years of beauty blogging without trying out false eyelashes. I know right? How is this possible?! So as you can imagine, I was thrilled when Harvey Nichols asked me if I would like to try out some lashes from the brand Threads. 

Over the last 7/8 years I've watched a lot of YouTube videos, featuring beauty mavens who can apply false eyelashes in a matter of seconds. Thinking it would be super easy (due to the amount of videos I'd watched over the years, and how others made it look so easy), I picked up the tweezers, opted for the Celestial lashes and whipped out the eyelash glue. And what did I end up doing? Gluing my own eyelashes to my eyelid. Don't ask how I managed this, the honest answer is I have absolutely no idea. About an hour later (after I realised I will never be attempting this again), I pretty much managed to get them on. They were slightly wonky and you could tell they were fake as I wasn't able to seamlessly blend them with my own lashes no matter how coats of mascara I applied over the top.

And what did I learn from this experience? I'll tell you...

1. I will never, I repeat never be attempting to apply false lashes ever again. (Probably will though).

2. "Do I leave the glue on for 30-40 seconds? Closer to 30 or 40? 35?" #Helpme

3. Once I applied them, they actually looked gorgeous - and I 100% recommend the Threads brand as they felt reasonably comfortable. If only I had my own personal makeup artist to apply them for me.

4. Eyelash glue is very sticky, and you should be more careful when trying to apply it (or you'll glue your eyes together).

5. If you have failed to pay attention to point 4, make sure you invest in some industrial strength eye makeup remover to unstick your eyes once fused together.

6. If you ever decide you want to give eyelashes a go again, buy a magnifying mirror as you are ocularly challenged and it makes it difficult to see where you are applying said lashes.

Have you ever tried false eyelashes? What was your first experience like?
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The 'Celestial' eyelashes (RRP £9), the 'Sex Kitten' eyelashes (RRP £9), and the Illuminata Brow Pencil (RRP £15) were kindly sent to me by Harvey Nichols for the purpose of a review. All thoughts are my own and you can read my full disclaimer policy here

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