Wednesday, 12 November 2014

To BB Or Not To BB?

To BB or not to BB? That is the question!

BB creams were created to do everything: fix complexions, add moisture, work away behind the scenes to make your skin better, and provide a reasonable, yet natural amount of cover. But I couldn't help but think “so what? Why wouldn’t you just use a tinted moisturiser?” 

Quite a while ago, well before I started my blog, I was sent a sample of this Maybelline Dream Fresh BB Cream and loved it!
I was very surprised it took me this long to buy the full size!

It does a pretty decent job of covering imperfections and evening out redness. It blends easily and is very moisturising. It doesn't feel thick or heavy on the skin. 
It really feels extremely light, almost like a second skin. As with all makeup, I would still recommend wearing your everyday moisturiser underneath as that helps to protect the skins natural layers.

I have normal/combination skin and would say that it isn't suitable for those with oiler skins, however, there is another product in the same line that may be better suited to you. 

What are your thoughts on them? Worth the hype?

Thanks for reading!

Love Charlotte x


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  1. I try this product in particular a longggg time ago and I didn't like it at all ): it didn't cover anything and I felt like I was not wearing anything basically, maybe I should give it a try again lol ^^


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