Friday, 3 October 2014

What's In My Handbag?

If you're anything like me (which you most probably are), you are super nosy and love getting to go through people's handbags. 
So heres a little treat for you all!

Bag - Primark
Obviously this is going to be in my bag as how else am I going to store my non-existent money? Being me, my purse also has to be Cath Kidston as we all know I have a slight weakness for Cath Kidston. 

Yet another essential. I find it hard to leave without putting it in my bag. Even though I won't need/use it, it is always there in the case of an emergency. Again, my addiction means that the case is also from Cath Kidston.

 Due to the extremely unpredictable weather in the UK an umbrella is vital if you want to stay warm and dry. Plus it only seems to rain when you don't have an umbrella, so making sure I always have one means it never rains (ha! I wish!).

I must admit these aren't often in my bag as I am one of those people that always forget them and ends up locking theirself out. 

I make a lot of train journeys, so this means waiting around a fair bit at train stations. To pass the time I like to watch TV programmes, catch up on YouTube videos and listen to music. 
I love the Apple headphones as I find them super comfortable and they also don't take up much space in my bag. 

When my phone battery dies, or when I just don't feel like listening to music, or whatever, I like to read a nice book. 
I am currently reading this incredibly cute edition of Lewis Carroll's Alice's Adventures In Wonderland. I spotted this in Waterstones and reluctantly handed over the £15 for it. 

Notepad & pen
For those spur of the moment, lightbulb ideas. Whatever they may be. 

Believe it or not, but the UK gets the occasional bit of sun. *gasp!* 
When it does my sunglasses are whipped straight out and I am able to see again!

Always there as who knows when you are going to need one!

What normal person doesn't carry tissues in their handbag?

Nobody wants dry lips, and this lip balm from The Body Shop is one of my all time favourites!

Hair accessories 
For those 'Uggh I need to get my hair off my face now' moments. 

Old train tickets
I tend to accumulate train tickets and receipts in my bag. Sorry for being a real person. 

What do you keep in your bag?

Thanks for reading!

Love Charlotte x



  1. I love seeing what's in other peoples handbags haha :) cute CK purse.


  2. I always find it so interesting to see what other people have in their bags! I really love your bag, I can't believe it's from Primark! I also really like your sunglasses, where are they from if you don't mind me asking? :) x

    1. I don't mind! They are the Clubmasters from Ray Ban! :)
      Primark have actually got some really nice bags in at the moment, worth a look if you have the time! X

  3. I love your phone case! It's beautiful!! I am so nosey but I always like seeing what other people have in their bags!!!

  4. I love your phone case it is so pretty! These are really similar, if not exactly the same as my essentials!

    1. Thank you! Occasionally I may have a drink and a breakfast bar in my bag too! :) X


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