Sunday, 28 August 2016

Spotify Playlists For Every Mood

Music. The one thing that has the power to change even the foulest of moods. I love music, I mean who doesn't? I've always been driven by music, and it has affected my life in many different ways over the years. Learning to play different instruments, touring Europe with a full band and choir, playing the triangle in primary school christmas concerts (very well I might add), blasting the radio in the car, etc - it's always been a part of me, and it always will. Now I've always been told that I have a great taste in music (except for when my family complains when I blast The Smiths at 8am on a Sunday morning). In college, we were always allowed to listen to music during art, and almost every single day my iPod was hooked up to the classroom speakers. Anyways (I was starting to go off on a bit of a tangent soz), over the last year or two I've really been getting into Spotify. I've always used it, but I was never addicted to it. But now I've been contemplating upgrading to Spotify Premium (do I do it? Do I? Help!) because I have been listening to it virtually non-stop for months. So I thought I'd share some of my favourite playlists with you!

Radio 1 Playlist (BBC) // Honest to God this is my most played playlist ever. I nearly always listen to BBC Radio 1 when I am driving around, but for times when I'm not chauffeuring my friends and family around I like to pop my headphones and listen to this playlist on shuffle. I love that it's updated on a weekly basis, because it gives the opportunity to discover new artists whilst being able to nosey at what's currently in the charts. 

Songs to Sing in The Shower // I flippin' love this playlist, and not just for when I'm in the shower. It is jam packed full of hits and one of those playlists where you know every single word to every single song. With the likes of the Spice Girls, NSYNC, and ABBA how could you not want to murder these songs in the shower. 

Dance Workout // This is probably the only playlist I listen to when working out. I used to make my own playlists (which I occasionally still listen to), but the effort of regularly updating the list made me want to cry. I love this because it's full of upbeat songs that get you excited to workout (yes I actually just said that - AND I MEANT IT).

Hits From The Movies // If you know me at all, you'll know that I'm a massive fan of musicals. So obviously I had to include a movie based playlist in my little roundup. There is something about a big musical number that can automatically put you in a good mood. So this is my playlist for when I'm in a bad mood. 

Sweet Soul Sunday // This is my go to Sunday morning playlist - the one that I listen to whilst rustling up some breakfast in a big cosy dressing gown. It is just the perfect feel good, easy listening playlist. It really does set me up for a great Sunday!

All Out 90's // Can you even say that you're 90s baby if you don't include a 90s playlist in your roundup? HELL NO. Music from my youth is my guilty pleasure, it takes me back to living it large at school discos, sipping on Panda Pops, and trying to dress like the Olsen twins. Plus a playlist with TLC on it is my kinda playlist #justsaying

What is your favourite playlist?

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