Sunday, 14 August 2016

Life Lately: August

Good morning lovelies! I know it's not really been a month since my last installment, but so much has changed since I last put pen to paper (or fingers to keyboard so to speak). In my last post I mentioned that I'd had a bit of an accident (which you can read about here), and was left unable to walk (YAY). Well it's been almost 7 weeks since it started hurting, but I'm finally starting to make a bit of progress! 

Physiotherapy // I've been attending weekly physiotherapy sessions with a lovely lady called Sophie, and we've been laughing a joking about my current situation. I've had quite a few sessions with her, and she has been so impressed with my progress. In the space of a couple of weeks I've gone from being unable to touch my ankle without screaming, to being able to stand on one leg for a couple of seconds. As for crutches, I'm now mainly using one as opposed to two - so I can officially carry my own dinner through instead of having to bribe my sisters to do it for me. 

Appointments // On Wednesday I have my MRI scan (help me), and although I was really excited to have it at first, I now just wish I could not turn up. I'm terrified that they are going to find a tonne of things wrong with me, and I'm almost certain that they'll find that the bone has crumbled into the joint space so I'd have to have surgery. I've not had an MRI scan before but I'm pretty sure they'll just scan my ankle, so hopefully they won't discover I have an extra lung or a life-threatening tumour the size of Mars on my pancreas or something. 

Getting out of the house // Since we last spoke, I've left the house (other than hospital appointments etc) a couple of times. It's actually unbelievable at how not being able to leave the house drives you crazy. My dad took my sisters and I out to lunch the other week, and I went over to my grandparents for lunch last week and we had a lovely day. We picked tomatoes in the garden, had homemade scones with homemade blackcurrant and apple jam. #perfectweekend

Little things // I've noticed myself being able to do more and more as the days go by. The other day I was able to get out the bath properly without having to sit on the side and swing my legs over. The day before I was able to walk up the stairs faster because I can now do the whole 'one foot per stair' thing as long as I'm not carrying anything - otherwise I fall flat on my face. On Thursday I went out for dinner with a couple of friends and I went crutch free - it took me a good 5 minutes to walk to the table but I did so without falling!

Resuming activities // Not being able to stand up kinda put a bit of a pause on nearly all of my normal activities and the house has descended into chaos. I think my family have started to realise how many chores I actually do since I haven't been able to do them. But over the last week or so, I've started adding a couple of jobs in here and there - cooking dinner, loading the washing machine, etc. Just little silly things you take for granted!

And on a little side note, can we just appreciate the gorgeous sunflowers my friend Rosie sent me! They were flippin' beautiful! And that's all for this month! I'll give you an update when I have my scan results, but it will be weeks before I get to hear anything. Hope you are all well!

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