Sunday, 24 July 2016

What I've Learnt From Exercising Regularly

A couple of years ago the thought of exercising would bring me out in a cold sweat. Even though I want nothing more than to get fit and have a healthy body, the thought of exercising regularly would make me feel physically sick. Fast forward to today, and I have been working out multiple times a week for almost 8 months. Eight months! Now if I miss a workout I push myself to work twice as hard next time to make up for it. I want to talk about what I've come to learn since I started working out regularly. Now don't get me wrong, having a routine hasn't solved all problems - I'm far from perfect. But it has given me a sense of confidence that I wouldn't give up for the world. So here are the top lessons my exercise routine has taught me so far: 
So much washing // My routine consists of a variety of different activities. From swimming, to Zumba, I tend to wear a different outfit for each different session. I feel as though my house is becoming a chinese laundry, with the surge of extra washing from all that sweaty gear. And it's not just the gym gear that needs washing. I feel uncomfortable if my hair isn't washed after working out, but it does get annoying having to wash it more frequently. 

Getting fit isn't difficult // Well it is, but you get what I mean. Making changes to your lifestyle (and body) isn't going to come overnight. It takes a lot of time and dedication (and a willpower you will not believe), but it really isn't as difficult as everyone makes out. Even just a little bit here and there will help boost your fitness levels. 

Healthy body, healthy mind // It is fairly common knowledge that regular exercise can aid a multitude of mental health problems. It can work wonders on those with depression and anxiety, and at first I didn't really understand how something could have such an impact. But I've seen vast improvements in my mental health.My anxiety has been at an all time low recently, and I've been a hell of a lot happier. I'm a firm believer in sweating your worries away; nothing beats that amazing feeling when you step out the gym or collapse on your bedroom floor after a hard workout. 

It's ok to take a break // Over the last eight or so months, I've missed a couple of weeks due to illness or injury (and occasionally laziness) and at first I was a little hard on myself. I started off by beating myself up (not physically obvs), but now I know that sometimes it's important to to give your mind and your body a rest when needed. Just as long as your break doesn't turn into a permanent break. 

I have never regretted a workout // Seriously. Even when I've been feeling run down, or a little under the weather I've still attempted to workout. Occasionally I've thought I was going to pass out during a set of burpees and had to give up half way through to collapse on the floor. But the feeling you get when you've finished makes crawling out of bed that little bit easier. 

Have something on hand to eat // Have something ready to eat immediately after your session because you will be starrrrrrving! If not you'll end up stopping off at the neighbouring bakery section of Lidl to buy alllll the pastries and donuts. 

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