Wednesday, 6 July 2016

Lush Ray of Sunshine Gift Set

I recently finished volunteering at a high school after working there for a whole year around my university lectures. As a little thank you all the staff in the department spoilt me rotten; buying me chocolates, cards and the Ray of Sunshine gift set from Lush. I don't know whether they knew I liked Lush, or whether it was simply a guess, but I was really happy either way. So I thought I would put my camera to good use a snap a few photos before I used everything! The gift set retails at £16.50, and includes four product miniatures wrapped in a holiday themed wrapping paper. I was forced to open up the pretty wrapping paper even though I knew what was already inside, so apologies for not having a photo of the pretty wrapping! Inside the gift there was a The Olive Branch Shower Gel (100g), Sugar Scrub Shower Scrub (50g), Each Peach and Two's a Pair Massage Bar (30g), and a block of Sandstone Soap (120g). I've never actually tried any of the products included, but they all look and smell gorgeous. I'm most excited to try the Sugar Scrub as I've never tried any of the body scrubs from Lush, and the bright green colour product looks so interesting! 
The Olive Branch Shower Gel // I had convinced myself that I didn't like the smell of this, but I don't know why because it smells incredible! Lush describe it as smelling like the Mediterranean, and I can totally see why; it is made with fresh mandarins, bergamot oil, vine leans, and olive oil! This is unlike any of the shower gels I have used before as it specifically says you can use it on your hair too. So I'm excited to give that a try! 

Sugar Scrub Shower Scrub // I didn't even realise this sort of product existed, but now that I know that is does it's not surprising that it comes from Lush. This particular product is a bright green colour, similar to the Avobath bath bomb. The smell reminds me slightly of Christmas. I'm not sure why as none of the ingredients shout out a typical christmas. But it has the spicey sort of smell if you get what I mean. 

Sandstone Soap // This smells slightly similar to the Sexy Peel soap, however has quite a gritty texture to it. The gritty texture makes it perfect for exfoliating your skin, and leaving your skin nice and soft. It is made with several different oils, so is perfect for soothing dry skin!

Each Peach (And Two's A Pair) Massage Bar // This smells amazing - like lemon and white chocolate. Other than that I have no idea what to say about it. Although I've tried various body butters and body conditioners from Lush,  I have never actually tried one of their massage bars. I'm generally too lazy to smother myself up in body moisturiser after I get out the shower. I know thats bad, but I ain't got time for that. This sounds like the perfect product to me as you literally rub it over dry skin and your done. No greasy-ness. Just soft, scented skin. 

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