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My Favourite Picks: Jewellery

** I am writing this post incredibly late as it is due to go up in less than an hour, and I've spent the whole day writing assignments, so my brain is mush! I need to get back on track and get my posts written so I schedule them and not have this INCREDIBLY last minute panic, whilst I'm already panicking and stressing out! But because I am writing it so late, it means I can remember to give you all a massive thank you! Last night on my very long train journey home I hit 1500 followers on my blog - which is  absolutely insane!! **

I'm a big fan of minimalist jewellery. You won't find many (if any) statement pieces in my jewellery box! Although I have quite a few (ok, a lot) items in my jewellery box (seriously it is beyond full), I only really tend to wear a few select pieces and I thought I'd share them with you today!

One of my favourite pieces is my Pandora charm bracelet which was a gift from my mum for my 18th birthday. Alongside that I received the 18th birthday charm from my sisters. I now have a total of five charms on my Pandora bracelet and I love them all! I am incredibly fussy with Pandora charms and my friends and family know this haha! I only like the silver ones (no gold or diamonds here) and I can't stand the ones that dangle off. My favourite charm has to be the circular nativity one I received last christmas (the one on the far right)!

Alongside my Pandora bracelet, I have my Pandora birthstone ring. I was born in June (#summerbaby) so I obviously got the June birthstone (moonstone). The ring has a gorgeous sterling silver bubble design and features a simple moonstone set in more silver shaped like flower petals. I don't own many rings as they aren't something I really wore until recently, but my Pandora ring alongside the gold zig zag one from ASOS. The gold zigzag ring is so simple and dainty, but it can really make your outfit look a little more interesting. Plus is always matches the colour of my nails which is a win win situation. 

My ASOS watch has revolutionised me. Until I bought this one back in June/July/August (the whole summer blurs into one haha), I hadn't worn a watch since I was seven years old. A teacher in primary school told me off for wearing my Disney diamante encrusted Ariel/Little Mermaid watch, and I've never worn one since (#childhoodtrauma). But when I decided I was going to be commuting to university this year, I knew I'd need a watch to help me catch my trains on time. So I browsed and browsed and it took me forever to find one that I liked for a decent price! But eventually I found this one on ASOS for £20, and into my basket it went! I love how simple the design is, the navy wrist strap, the rose gold face - everything about it! 

I've had this Miss Selfridge necklace (the one with a little pearl inlaid in it) for a couple of years now and I wear it on almost a regular basis. I have a couple that I may switch it out for incase it doesn't look right with an outfit, but this is the one that I wear the most out of all my necklaces - infact I'm wearing it right now! I got my Accessorize necklace around the same time and I used to wear it with EVERYTHING. I love that it is a more modern take on a St Christopher necklace and it will remain around my neck until it either falls apart or gets lost! For when I'm not channeling the gold jewellery, I usually reach for my silver Topshop C necklace. I got this yeaaaars ago as a gift and I love it! It is a little worn now after so much use, but I still wear it!

Thanks for reading!
Love Charlotte x

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