Sunday, 27 September 2015

Back To University Goals

Hello friends! I honestly can't believe that I start my second year of university tomorrow! Seems like only two minutes since I was lugging all my boxes and suitcases around halls of residence! How time flies ey! I'm currently running round like a headless chicken making sure I have everything ready for the new academic year. Pens. Check. Paper. Check. My mind. Not check! As I've been frantically running here there and everywhere, I've been reflecting on last year and I've decided that I really want to push myself over the next academic year. 

Be more organised
I know this is a bit cliche, but I really do want to up my organisational game. I wasn't too bad last year, but currently I seem to be busier than ever and I want to make sure that I can manage my time effectively. I bought a brilliant diary/planner from BusyB (via Amazon) that handily prints each week twice so you can have a separate planner for home/personal and one for work/school, college, uni! I was given a planner last year from my tutor, but I think the only time I opened it was to write my name in it!! It was so ugly which definitely didn't make me want to write in it!

Try and spend less of my student loan on ASOS
I dread to think how much money (and time!) I spent on ASOS last year. I just love shopping! I am trying to cut back on the spending a little bit though this year so I have plenty of money to travel around seeing my besties up and down the country! We really want to go away together in the summer too, so hopefully we have enough money to get that organised! 

Dress less like a homeless person to lectures
This one actually made me laugh when I thought about it. If I look back at any photos from last year, I literally looked like I had walked straight out of bed and into a lecture theatre. Considering the (probably) substantial amount of money I spent on ASOS last year, I think I could maybe look a bit more put together during my second year! 

Prepare for assignments better
Don't mistake me for one of those people that starting writing their assignments and essays the night before. NEVER WOULD I DO THAT. And no that isn't sarcasm. I was pretty good with it last year and always made sure I had everything submitted at least a couple of days before the due date. But this year I want to make sure that I plan and structure my work better in order to help me gain extra marks. I found that the work that I planned out and understood better always got Firsts, SO I MUST ACHIEVE THIS ALL THE TIME!

Try and go out more
Last year I was about as sociable as…. well a very unsociable person. I've been getting a lot better of the last couple of months. Pushing myself to go places I wouldn't usually give a second thought about. Like I don't tend to go in bars and clubs. But I went to Revolution the other week for their relaunch party. I was soooo surprised at myself! 

Actually revise for my exams
Last year, dare I say it, I started revising for my exams the night before. What was wrong with me? I've never been that sort of person!! I just had so many assignments due in at the same time and I even had one that was due whilst I was sat in the exam hall!! I think I figured that I could always resit the exams, which isn't the best mindset at all! 

Are any of you lovely lot heading back to university? Or even starting your first year? What do you hope to accomplish? 

Thanks for reading!
Love Charlotte x


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