Sunday, 6 September 2015

A Few Recent Buys

Hi Friends! Before anyone says anything, I know I've had a few haul style posts up recently, but I've been spending the last of my birthday money. SO WHAT? And a girl needs to treat herself now and then! Plus half you request posts of my shopping binges when I post on Twitter, so you can't blame me!

First up is this absolutely beaaaaautiful phone case from That Lame Company (run by the lovely people that are Chloe from Mojichlo and Charlie from Philoslothical). Towards the end of the month, I will be (finally) getting a new phone in the form of an iPhone 6. And after deciding that my phone desperately needed an upgrade, I immediately began on the hunt for a phone case to go with it and make it look all pretty. With a little help from Charlie and Chloe, I finally decided on the 'Watercolour Flowers' phone case in the premium finish. For those of you that don't have an iPhone 6, or any iPhone at all - they stock each design for a long long long list of devices! ALL of their products are absolutely gorgeous, and when student loan comes in I will most likely spend a good chunk of it over at their lovely shop! I am so excited to get my phone so I can make use my phone case!!

If you didn't know, last weekend I took a trip down to Gloucester! Today's post was actually meant to be a little photo diary of my trip, but I only went and lost my SD card didn't I!! Stupid Charlotte. But whilst down in Gloucester, we visited Bourton-On-The-Water (GOOGLE IT IMMEDIATELY!!) which is absolutely beautiful! It's sort of like the UK's answer to Amsterdam.  Although it rained 99.9% of the day (wearing flip-flops was a mistake. A big mistake), we had a lovely day. Anyway I digress! Whilst mooching round the little independent shops, we popped into a candle makers and watched a man make candles. It was so interesting! A couple of shops down was a little homeware shop and I immediately walked over to the Yankee Candle stand and began sniffing. I picked up the Pink Grapefruit candle, and words cannot describe how good it smells! 

As I'm heading back to university soon, I thought I'd buy myself a watch to make sure I'm organised and able to catch my trains on time. If I had a pound for every day that I dreamt about owning a Daniel Wellington watch, I'd be able to buy at least two Daniel Wellington watches. Whilst browsing ASOS at the start of the week, I came across this beautiful navy and rose gold watch. It was only about £20(?) so it was an absolute bargain! I opted for a navy strap rather than black, as I just felt it look classier. As it is quite dark navy, it could easily be passed of as black on first glances - so it goes perfectly with most of my wardrobe!

And finally! I repurchased the Benefit Porefessional primer in the full size version! My little sample size seemed to last forever and it was by far THE best primer I have ever used! Ever! It makes everything last so much longer which is what a proper primer should do. I have talked about it multiple times before so I'm not going to drone on about how amazing it is! 

Have you been buying anything recently?
Thanks for reading!
Love Charlotte x


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  1. Love the watch and the phone case
    Alicia x


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