Thursday, 23 April 2015

Where To Splurge, Where To Save

One of the most well argued debates in the makeup industry is the "is high end better?" debate. Now I have briefly touched on this subject before (in my 10 things I've learnt from beauty bloggers post) and mentioned that many high end brands also own drugstore/highstreet brands and therefore the products are made using similar formulations. 
But, I'm sure there are still people out there that want to have just a little touch of luxury in the lives. Soooooo, if this seems to describe you, keep on reading to hear my thoughts on which products you could splash out on and which you should save your pennies for something else. 

The general rule I tend to follow is 'how often will I use the product?'. Things like foundation usually get used up the fastest meaning that you have to repurchase it more frequently. Now I don't know about you, but I'd rather repurchase something that costs £6.99 rather than something that costs £36.99. So I try and avoid buying expensive foundations, concealers and powders now matter how amazing they sound. They could cure colds and I'd probably like to save my hard earned money for something else (waves goodbye to NARS Sheerglow and Dior Airflash foundations). 

Products I use less of or less frequently like lipstick, highlighter, blush and bronzer are the products I see the potential for spending more on. You often use less of these types of products so for the money you spend on them, the more you will get out of them. Money well spent!

Another rule I try to follow is 'will I still want to wear this in six months time?'. Theres no point splashing out on something when it's just a short lived trend. I want products that are classic and versatile. Many products have a good use-by date on them so will last you a long time if its something you really like and not something thats going to be sat in the back of a drawer gathering dust. 

What are your thoughts on this? Do you prefer to spend or save?

Thanks for reading!

Love Charlotte x

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  1. Yeah you're so right! As much as I loved a sample of Dior foundation that I tried, I don't think I could justify it! I can do with l'oreal true match and it is still a really good foundation. Sometimes it is just lively to spend a bit more on the product, I love the charlotte tilbury stuff and although it is quite pricey I am thinking of saving up for one of the colour chameleon eye shadow pencils because they are beautiful!!

    Sarah xxx ||

    1. Charlotte Tilbury and NARS are probably my only weaknesses! I love a bit of luxury, but I do only use a foundation that's a fiver and my concealer and powder are roughly the same price as the foundation! I've wanted to try the NARS foundations for soooo long but then if it turns out I don't like them I've wasted more money! Xxx

  2. Hi Charlotte, very good post and you touch a very important point. Generally the more expensive products have functionalities that the skin in your 20's doesn't really need. So, there's no need for splurges. Also, the economical factor is very important, because in my 20's I chose to spend my money differently than for cosmetics I didn't need, like for example in my education. Now I have the salary which actually allows me to splurge on that stuff ;).

    1. My priority is also my education, if I get a good degree, I have plenty of time to buy lots of lovely things in the future when I have more of an income! X


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