Sunday, 12 April 2015

Running A Blog Whilst At University

When I first started blogging, I had all the time in the world. No school, no college, no uni, no job - nothing. Nothing there to fill my day-to-day life. I could finally start my blog because I finally had enough time on my hands to get it up and running. Now I am a full time university student with deadlines, commitments and a bustling/hectic life. At times, this can get in the way of my precious blog, but as time goes on I am getting continually better at managing my time effectively.

On my desk at university, I have a weekly planner/schedule that I bought from Paperchase. It has every day of the week in a handy table, with enough room for you to write out important events and things you need to remember for each day. Sort of like a calendar. But a more short term and planned out calendar.  Besides this, I also have a yearly calendar that I printed out. This helps me plan when I am going to post new blogposts and keep track of whats going out when. This is incredibly useful for those of you who like to schedule your blog posts in advance. 

To make sure I get all my work done I make regular To-Do Lists which help me stay on track of my tasks and guarantee that I am organised, productive and manage my time effectively.

For on-the-go ideas, I make sure I carry a notepad and a pen in my handbag at all times - just incase an apple falls on my head and gives me a great idea.
Along with the notepad, you will never find me without my iPhone. Long are the days since you have to carry a massive File-O-Fax around everywhere. Nowadays your phone can store every single piece of important information you  will ever need. With all these handy apps to help you with your time management, you will never be late again!

Thanks for reading!
Love Charlotte x
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  1. I can imagine it's hard to breathe with everything you need to do, i never went to uni but i still work full time which can affect my blogging time.
    Love this!
    Love Vicki |

    1. I would absolutely love to be able to post everyday, but sometimes I can't even manage my twice a week schedule! X

  2. I also started my blog in the summer when I had plenty of time and was scheduling posts weeks ahead just to fit them all in! Now that I'm back at uni it's a different story but I love having my blog as something different to do that isn't uni-related.
    Jennifer x
    Ginevrella | Lifestyle Blog

    1. I agree! Sometimes I just feel that I spend all my time on my laptop writing though! X

  3. This is so helpful, I'm going back to uni this summer and am determined to be more organised with my blog!

    Sophie |

    1. I'm heading back at the end of September and I hope to practice what I preach! X


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