Wednesday, 1 April 2015

March Favourites

I can't believe how fast this month has gone! Seems like only two minutes since I was heading back to university after the Christmas holidays, now I am home for Easter and in a few weeks I will be home for the start of summer! Boom - first year of university over and done with! 

But with a new month comes the promise of a new monthly favourites post. And I must say, however, that this month's favourite products edge towards the high end of the price spectrum. And for that I can only apologise but I these are the products that I have genuinely been loving over the past month. 

I have continued to love using the products that I featured in last month's favourite post but I didn't want to repeat myself for you regular readers, so consider these additions to my favourites archive. 

I have noticed myself feeling more 'urghh' in the mornings recently and so the Chanel No5 Eau Premiere perfume has been one of my go-to fragrances for the month of March. I think any day can be brightened with a touch of Chanel and recently I have been needing this a lot more!

Along with the general 'urghh' mood, my skin could have been described using the same adjective. However, the NARS Copacabana Illuminator has been adding the well needed 'pzaz' and 'oomf' giving me the beautiful touched by the angels look that I so strongly desire. The formulation is truly beautiful and looks so natural when applied over foundation. NARS also do it in quite a few different shades so if this one isn't for you, why not check out the others they have to offer!

NARS have clearly been the brand of choice for me this last month as I have also been loving the cult classic Blush in 'Sin'. It is a gorgeous berry shade with just a hint of shimmer running through it, and although we are transitioning into the spring like weather I have been wearing this religiously. Even if I feel like I should be wearing bright shades of pink to coincide with the blooming flowers that are popping up left right and centre.

To apply this delightful blush I have been using the 'Cheek Brush' from the Real Techniques Nic's Pics collection. At first this wasn't one of my favourite brushes in the collection but it has been growing on me a lot recently! I use it for all sorts - mainly blush, bronzer and highlight. But one morning I even found myself using it to apply my foundation, and I must say it did a fantastic job! But then what RT brush doesn't?

Towards the start of the month my beloved Soap and Glory mascara had dried up to the point where it was starting to clump and go everywhere. Until I could get to Boots to buy another one I started to use the Benefit Bad Gal Lash mascara which I found untouched at the back of a drawer whilst doing my beauty cleanse and detox a few weeks ago. After just a few days (and repurchasing my beloved mascara) I found myself using it more and more! Now as you can see, it has become one of my favourites! 

What have you all been loving over the last month? Found any great dupes for my favourites.. Let me know!

Thanks for reading as always,
Love Charlotte x
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  1. I love the sound of NARS Copacabana! & Sin is a beautiful shade! two to go on my wishlist! x

  2. Been wanting to try the NARS Copacabana for ages! Definitely need to save up and buy it! x

    1. If you're a student, you can buy it from ASOS with your 10% student discount! :) x


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