Monday, 7 March 2016

Taking A Time Out: An Update

Hellooooooooo! First of all NO it isn't Sunday, and this isn't my regular 9am Sunday post - you haven't got today off. I'm posting this incase you missed yesterday's usual post and the first couple sentences in it. So just incase you missed it - I am back. I repeat I AM BACK! I have a real urge to write out the lyrics to Without Me by Eminem, but I will resist that urge as I feel it is way too cliché and I don't want to be that person. (Guess who's back, back again, Charlotte's back, tell a friend...)

In case you are waaaaay out of the loop, haven't tuned in for a while or whatever.... a month or so ago I announced that I would be taking a well overdue break from blogging to focus on my health and well being. After almost two years of twice weekly blogging, I obviously found it extrememly hard at first to go cold turkey as it was part of my weekly routine. I kept checking up on my comments and page views, and had an overwhelming urge to write a schedule a few blog posts. At the start of my break, I was disappointed that my page-views had dropped dramatically, but I guess that was going to be a given thing considering I wasn't really blogging. Statistics aside, my health has improved dramatically - my stupid eye twitch has pretty much stopped twitching, but not entirely. When I am in a stressful situation, working out, or in times where I can feel my anxiety spike, my eye likes to let me know that it's still in it's socket! After my break I feel a lot more relaxed, insanely happier, back to my crazy organised self - and all together more myself. I've enjoyed kicking stress in the butt, and I will continue to try and keep my stress in check. (Also if you're interested in a few stress related posts - let me know!)

Although I am back, I will be gradually easing my way back in, dipping my toe into the water gradually. I don't want to waste the sheer amount of effort it took me to feel ok again, and end up having to take another month or so off. I also want to point out that I am sitting some end of year exams in April, so my main focus will be revising for them as opposed to worrying about getting every. single. post. up. on. time. So if one day there isn't a post up, please understand why.  

It's really nice to be back, and I will try and get a few posts written and scheduled this week! 

Thanks for reading!
Love Charlotte x


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