Sunday, 6 March 2016

Favourites From February

First of all, I just want to mention that my blog is back in business. Some of you may remember that towards the end of January I took a bit of a break from blogging after everything got to be a little too much for me to cope with. And whilst posts still went up, I wasn't technically here, and checking up on stats and replying to comments. But after a bit of time off, the stress has subsided slightly and I want to get back into blogging slowly - easing myself in so it's not a shock to the system. I thought the best place to start would be with a monthly favourites post as they are by far the quickest and easiest to write. But can you believe we're in March? Like whaaaaaaaat? Seriously, it will be 2017 before we know it at this rate. 

So on that note, I'll dive straight in. First up is this gorgeous daisy necklace from Whistles. As much as I've eyed things up from Whistles, I've never bought anything from them as they are so expensive! This necklace set me back £25 (£22.50 with student discount), and is by far the most I have ever spent on a single piece of jewellery. The necklace that I usually wear on a daily basis was looking a bit tarnished and grubby so I treated myself to this when I saw it. I fell head over heels for it and from the moment it arrived, it has only left my neck whilst I sleep and shower. It is so dainty, and is perfect to layer with my other necklaces!

Speaking of pricey items, the Charlotte Tilbury Chic To Chic Blush in 'Love Glow' has been my go-to blush throughout February. I've been breaking my rule about only wearing premium makeup when I go out-out, and have been treating my face to more luxury items on an everyday basis. I love that if needed, it can double up as two different blushers as the 'pop' shade looks gorgeous by itself! On the opposite end of the beauty budget, I have loved teaming the blush with the Rimmel Exaggerate Lip Liner in 'Eastend Snob'. It took me the best part of a year to track down and purchase this particular shade, and I have certainly been wearing it to death to make up for that fact. It looks soooooo gorgeous by itself so even if you don't fancy layering it with a lipstick, you can still have gorgeous lips. It has quite a matte finish, and I'm excited to bring it into Spring and wear it with lighter bases and quite minimal makeup. 

Another favourite has been the Lush Twilight Shower Gel. I'd completely forgotten I owned this, and found it stuffed at the back of my collection at the start of the month. It was a limited edition/exclusive product in a Christmas gift set, and I have loved pairing it with the matching bath bomb as a weekend pamper treat or by itself as a weekday pick me up. I'm absolutely gutted that it is only a 100ml bottle, as I've only got a little bit left and I won't be able to repurchase it when it's all gone! *cries into Lush filled bathwater*. 

And finally! Is the Prada Candy L'eau perfume. Purchasing this was a complete accident as I was actually trying to repurchase the Florale version of the perfume that I had used up. But as perfume is usually non-returnable I thought I'd try it out anyway - and spoiler alert I FLIPPIN' LOVE IT. Now it is completely different to the Prada Candy Florale, so I don't get why they share the same name. Ey Prada? I'm terrible at describing perfumes so I'd suggest going to a shop to smell it for yourself, but I'd say it smells quite fruity - but not a fresh, girly type of fruity. It smells more musky than the Prada Candy Florale, and is more suited to autumn/winter unlike the Florale which I prefer in spring/summer. 

What have you been enjoying over the last month?
Thanks for reading!
Love Charlotte x

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  1. I love the look of that Charlotte Tilbury blush, it looks like the perfect everyday blush.


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