Monday, 20 July 2015

Recipe: Spiced Chicken Burrito Bowl with Coriander and Lime Rice

Hello everyone! So after scouring for recipes and dinner inspiration on Pinterest, I came across this and I've been enjoying making it (and eating it!) a lot recently so I thought I'd share it with you! I'm making mine with chicken but you could use whatever meat you like - beef steak, turkey, quorn?

In no particular order, you'll need:
The first things first, you'll need to create the marinade for the chicken - so in a large bowl, mix a good glug (extremely accurate measure there Charlotte) of olive oil with your taco seasoning mix, add the juice of 2 limes (or more/less if you choose) and add the chicken. With your hands, or a spoon if you don't like touching raw meat, coat the chicken in the marinade and cover and set aside for 15 minutes - 24 hours.

When you have set the chicken aside, you can start on the rice. I've used Tilda Easy Cook Long Grain Rice as I think it absorbs more of the flavouring, but you can use any long grained rice! Simply boil the kettle and cook the rice following the cooking instructions on the packet, then leave to cool.

Once your rice is on you can start chopping your veggies! I absolutely love most of the veggies in existence, but these are my favourites to go in this particular dish. If you don't like what I have used, feel free to swap and change as you please! :) 

By the time you have chopped your veggies, the rice will have cooled slightly. Chop your coriander and stir it into the rice. You can use dried coriander if you wish, but the fresh tastes and looks so much better. Juice more limes into the rice and stir to make sure all the rice is flavoured. 

Heat up a pan with a LITTLE oil (there is oil in the marinade remember!), and add in your chicken. Cook the chicken through and place in your bowl along with your rice and the salad!

If you want to be all 'Jamie Oliver' you can finish off the dish with a few leaves of coriander and a wedge of lime. Perfect!

Bon App├ętit! 
And as always, if you make this dish - remember to send me your photos on Twitter (@charrrroberts) or Instagram (@charlottesophiaroberts)!

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  1. This looks delicious! xx

  2. That looks amazing I need that in my life!! xxxxx

  3. This looks absolutely delicious, will have to save this recipe so I can make it myself!

    Meme xx

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    'But first.. Let me take a selfie*'

  4. This. meal. looks. absolutely. amazing. That chicken looks gorgeous, it's making my mouth water thinking about eating :( haha. This sounds like a real mean dish, I can't wait to give it a go. Such great and easy steps you have given there too! :) xx

  5. It is soooo good! Will have to make it again soon! X

  6. Oh my life that looks amazing. I've just written this recipe into my mums book because I HAVE to make this sometimes next week. PS. I love the phrase "a good glug" hehe.


    1. How else could I describe it haha! ;) It is delicious! X

  7. Thank you for following! Beautiful blog. : )


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