Thursday, 9 July 2015

100th Blog Post, 500 Followers and Confessions Of A Beauty Blogger

Hello lovelies! I can't quite believe it but this is my 100th blog post! I didn't really know what to write for this post, I thought about doing a 'Charlotte through the ages' sort of thing - sharing photos from my 19 years on earth. But with uni deadlines looming and working 5 days a week, I didn't have the time to sort through boxes of all my family albums. But then I hit 500 followers on Bloglovin' and this just seemed like the perfect idea for a post - letting you in on the behind the scenes secrets of being a blogger! Although if you are interested in seeing what I looked like as a child, let me know and I'll dig out some photos for my next post!

I write 99.9% of my blogposts sat in oversized band T-shirts and pyjama bottoms with my hair tied up in a messy bun - not with a full face of makeup on, wearing my best clothes
I swear that this isn't just me? Who would make that much effort to sit behind a computer screen! Unless I am shooting photos for a makeup look or outfit post, I am definitely sat at home looking like an absolute tramp. 

I don't wash my makeup brushes regularly - sorry!
Truth be told, who can actually own up to washing their makeup brushes on a regular basis? I tend to go from one extreme to another - either washing them all the time or never washing them. Infact sometimes, I've just bought more brushes so I don't have to wash them as often!

I don't remove my nail polish when it chips
I'm one of those girls that loves to have shiny painted nails, but usually when my nail polish chips, I don't take it off until there's just a small blob in the centre of the nail haha!

My bedroom doesn't look like one of those flawless Pinterest posts
My bedroom is an absolute mess! The only area that looks reasonably tidy is my window ledge because that's where I take my blog post photos (although to get there you have to make it through my army style assault course of a bedroom).

I basically wear the same makeup all the time
Don't be expecting any different and exciting makeup tutorials from me - choosing a different shade of brown eyeshadow is as exciting as it gets for me. I have absolutely no idea how to even mix up my looks!

Blogging is incredibly hard work
Even when you're not sat writing a post, you're promoting your posts on social media, replying to emails, taking photos or brainstorming ideas. It often feels like a 24/7 job - I can honestly say that it sometimes gets on top of me and I tend to go a bit M.I.A.

So I've shared my secrets! Now it's your turn! Confess in the comments!
Thanks for reading!
Love Charlotte x
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  1. That first one couldn't be more accurate haha! Congrats on reaching the 100th post milestone, and the 500 followers- really well deserved :))
    --AshCam |

  2. Congratulations on the love and on the support, wishing you all the best sweetheart! You deserve every single follower your blog is absolutely lovely! I loved learning more about you hehe, washing make up brushes is hard work! xxxxx

  3. Okay so my confessions: I Canf contour and I can't wear eyeliner. Bad, bad blogger!

    Laura x

    1. I'm terrible at contouring too! Never looks right! X

  4. I'm the same way with my makeup brushes... And who would want to blog while being all dressed up? I'm all for being comfy at home!

  5. I'm with you on the first and last one, especially, lol. Congrats on hitting 100 posts and 500 Bloglovin followers.

    Beauty Isles | An Island Girl's Beauty and Lifestyle Blog

  6. Great post really enjoyed reading it! :)

  7. Aw enjoyed this post as I am exactly the same! Brushes get a clean every sunday night (if they're lucky) x

  8. I agree with every single one of these! I very rarely have a full face of makeup, I ain't got time for that :')

    Sian | Siân Marie Beauty

  9. Congratulations on your 100th blog post! I never remove my nail polish when it's chipping as well I always just let them be HAHA. thanks for sharing its a fun post to read. Do you want to support each other's blog by following each other?:) Please let me know if you do so I can follow you right back x


    1. Thank you! You should see my nails now, they are hideous!! X


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