Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Charlotte Tilbury Film Star Bronze and Glow

It's ridiculous how long I have lusted after the Charlotte Tilbury Film Star Bronze and Glow. But now, ladies and gentlemen, it is finally mine!

First up, can we just take a moment to appreciate the packaging! My friends know I'm a sucker for pretty packaging and this is certainly no exception to that rule! The stunning 1920s/art deco inspired casing is truly beautiful and really shows why high end is seen as better. 

I've only been using this for a couple of weeks so this isn't an in depth review, but more of a first impressions. The powders are so buttery and the pigmentation is absolutely perfect! They are just enough to see that they are there whilst not being too overpowering. Straight after buying this I started to have second thoughts, worrying that they would look really cakey on the skin. Recently I've been wearing a lot more liquid highlighters recently for a more natural finish and was surprised to find that they looked almost as natural!

The bronzer has a slight shimmer to it that is really subtle but helps give you a nice healthy glow. The highlighter has a very iridescent finish and you look almost like a sea shell. 

I will certainly be using this duo more in the coming weeks as it is gorgeous! Money well spent I think! 

Thanks for reading!
Love Charlotte x

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  1. I can't explain to you how much I love Charlotte Tilbury, especially her lipliners. They're amazing!!
    Looks like I might have to go and pick up her bronzer now, thanks for this post!

    I've tagged you in the versatile blogger award. You can find the post and read the rules on my last post! I can’t wait to know more about you :)

    R x

    1. Ooooh thank you! Will check it out and do it when I have a bit of spare time! X

  2. I love good packaging as well; it's half the fun for me. Glad to hear the product holds up! Money well spent indeed.

    :] // ▲ ▲

  3. I love good packaging as well; it's half the fun for me. Glad to hear the product holds up! Money well spent indeed.

    :] // ▲ ▲

  4. That is pretty packaging! I like it :D Glad you got on with it, and it was worth the money.

    Meme xx

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    'Sisterhood Of The World Bloggers Award'

  5. This looks absolutely beautiful. Definitely money well spent. You're making me want it too now, Charlotte!
    I'd be interested in hearing your thoughts in an in-depth review when you've had plenty of time to play with it properly too :)

    Christina x
    Christina Campbell Hughes

    1. Definitely well spent! I'll let you all know when I've had chance to play around with it! X


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