Friday, 26 September 2014

The Addiction Grows

As we all know that I have an addiction to Cath Kidston. What normal person doesn't? But recently my collection has grown. 

I am incredibly fussy when it comes bedding, and I spent absolutely ages looking for my University bedding. 
I had been eying up nearly all the bedding from Cath Kidston, and the only other nice ones I found were from Urban Outfitters (this and this). They ended up being just as expensive as Cath Kidston, and my weakness for her things meant it wasn't a hard decision choosing which to buy. 
I chose the Blue Spot bedding because it was beautiful and I already had the throw it was displayed with because I am a true addict.

I am also fussy when it comes to pencil cases. They have to be a certain shape and have a nice floral pattern. This was THE only one I could find so I clearly had to have it!

Eventually, when I get my own house (which is clearly quite some time away), I want to have all odd Cath Kidston mugs. I made the spontaneous decision to buy my first there and then. 

Hey, also if you are reading Cath - I think I have bought enough over the years to deserve some freebies? ;)

Thanks for reading!

Love Charlotte x



  1. Lovely post! I've nominated you for the 'One Lovely Blog Award' and you can check it out on my blog!!

    1. Thankyou! I have already been nominated, and will get round to posting about it when things at uni have died down a bit! :) x

  2. Good choice - love the polka dots & the florals
    Cath Kidson designs are always so cute and feminine :)

  3. I love all your purchases. Such feminine pieces. I love floral and polka dots.
    Love the light blues with the floral touches as well.
    Great purchases.
    xx , jodi


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