Saturday, 19 July 2014

TAG: 50 Random Things

I have seen this tag floating round for quite a while, and seen as I'm new to blogging, I thought this would be a great way for you to get to know me…
So here we go!

My face.. So you can know what I look like too!

  1. If you can’t tell from the title of my blog, my name is Charlotte Sophia Roberts.
  2.  I was born on the 29/06/1996 
  3.  My favourite number is 8. Just because.
  4. I love photography and see my self as a connoisseur. I even have a blog dedicated to my work here.
  5. I love poloroid and instant cameras.
  6. I am a lover of all things vintage inspired. *cough* Cath Kidston addict *cough*
  7. I’m a makeup junkie. I hoard it away!
  8. My favourite flowers are tulips, especially red ones.
  9. I hate warm, sunny weather. I much prefer rain.
  10. I have travelled to 4% of the world, 17% of Europe and 2% of North America.
  11. I am an expert procrastinator.
  12. I love to read. My favourite authors include John Green and Harper Lee.
  13. My favourite poem is 'Out Of The Blue' by Simon Armitage.
  14. My favourite musician is Tom Odell.
  15. I am running out of facts. 
  16. I used to do karate and I have a brown belt. 
  17. I’m 5ft10.5” but I tell everyone I’m 5ft11”. (Ssshhh)
  18. My favourite flavour of ice-cream is mint. 
  19. My favourite takeaway is Chinese.
  20. I hate horror movies or anything remotely jumpy. Give me a romcom any day.
  21. I am a really pensive person. Sometimes too pensive.
  22. I love tea. How British of me.
  23. I love editing and own a copy of Photoshop CS6 Extended.
  24. I am a perfectionist. In every way possible.
  25. If I am expecting a letter/parcel. I will quote Harry Potter on a sunday. “NO POST ON SUNDAYS”.
  26. I am neither a dog or a cat person. I hate all animals. 
  27. I like being at home more than going out. Social butterfly, I am not.
  28. I passed my driving test first time round. 
  29. The favourite place I have travelled to is Switzerland. 
  30. I have never dyed my hair. 
  31. I’m really sarcastic. However, sarcasm is the highest form of wit. 
  32. I have never achieved an A* in any exam. The closest I came was being one mark off in GCSE Chemistry. (Update I now have an A* in A-Level Photography!)
  33. When I was in primary school, I had an abnormally large yu-gi-oh, Pok√©mon and football card collection. For a girl. 
  34. My favourite cake is carrot cake. 
  35. I don’t get dressed on weekends at all. Unless I am going out.
  36. When I was in nursery, they had a fire drill and I didn’t want to leave the toys so I bit my mum’s ear, swallowed her earring and had to go to A&E for X-Rays.
  37. I was in my high school orchestra for 5 years. I got to travel to some amazing places because of it. These places include: France, Belgium, Germany, Austria and Switzerland.
  38. My first concert was My Chemical Romance. Since then I have seen: All Time Low, Red Hot Chili Peppers, The Kooks, Tom Odell, You Me At Six, The Midnight Beast, The Feeling, Kids In Glass Houses, Denai More, Mayday Parade, Deaf Havana, The Blackout, Lost Alone, Lower Than Atlantis, Fools Gold, We Are The In Crowd, The Maine and The Wildflowers,
  39. When I am comfortable around you, you will probably think I’m a complete weirdo. Weird is good though right?
  40. My starsign is Cancer.
  41. I’m a wallflower. I notice things.
  42. I am the clumsiest person ever. However, I have never broken a bone. Lets keep it this way. 
  43. My favourite perfume is 'Happy' by Clinique. I wear it on every single special occasion. I would wear it every day if I could.
  44. I regularly meditate as I am an extremely anxious person.
  45. I have a scar on one of my fingers where my friend Harry ‘accidentally’ burnt me with a hot glue gun 6 years ago.
  46. I studied Art and Design, Photography and Psychology at A-Level.
  47. I would love to live by the sea when I am older. 
  48. I tend to dwell on the past a lot. 
  49. Every night, I think about perfect scenarios in order to help me fall asleep.
  50. I have Joint Hypermobility Syndrome. Which means I have overly flexible joints.

Thanks for reading!

Love Charlotte x

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